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How Your Local Church can help

If your enquiry is about your faith, a call to ordination, organising a wedding, baptism, funeral or other service, the best first point of contact is your parish church.

To find your local church or to find out which diocese you live in, please visit and input your postcode into the search bar.

How Your Diocese can help

Many enquires can also be dealt with by your diocese in the first instance. Your Diocese is a good first point of contact and will then be able to advise you on a number of subjects or make suggestions on who best to speak to.

Some of the things you can contact your Diocese about include:

  • Baptism / Marriage records
  • Empty churches
  • Active Churches and church owned property
  • Local Clergy contact details
  • Local church schools and education
  • Churchwarden, PCC and Diocesan/Deanery synod queries
  • Church mission and stewardship advice
  • Complaint procedures

England is split up into 41 dioceses (42 including the Diocese in Europe). Each diocese works autonomously and deals with the overall administration of the churches in a particular area. This includes training, mission, property and church schools.

Find Your Local Church


Use this popular website for service times, seasonal events, contact details and more